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Payment Methods

Payment methods

Credit card

In case that you choose as a payment method a credit or debit card you are not charged with extra COD fees.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

If you choose as a payment method  Cash on Delivery, you are charged with extra 2,00 euros, additional to the total sum of money of your order.

COD is not valid for orders heavier than 15 kg shipped by a courier company 



The website is the electronic store of the Company "Bibasi Moutzahit Sabri" (VAT Number 044902564, Tax Office: Xanthi, Phone: 2541026716, email: ( GECR Number: 12311046000 ) , selling shoes and accessories. The Company's headquarters is in Xanthi (Michail Karaoli 1, Xanthi 67100.


Withdrawal / Return of Products


You have the right to return the whole or part of the order without having to tell us the reason why you wish the return of the products, within 14 calendar days from the date when you received it. In this case, only the direct cost of returning the products will be charged on you. In case that the reason for your return has to do with a mistake of the company, we will then bear the cost of the product return.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you are required to complete the "return - withdrawal form" which is available at You must send the product back in the perfect condition in which you received it without having its packaging violated and by confirming that the special markings on the product have not been removed. In addition, you must include the receipt of the purchase at the same time when submitting the withdrawal declaration contained in the "return form". The return will be accepted only if the shipment is done by a courier company and only after the approval of the company.

In case of return of the products, depending on the way you choose to pay for the return, your refund will be completed within 8 working days from the date we receive the products. In case the reason for return concerns a mistake of the company, the company BIBASI MOUTZAHIT SABRI will resend it to the address that you have declared to us for the receipt of the order at its own expense. In case the consumer wishes the return of the order without the fault being of the company then the shipping costs are borne by the consumer himself. From the moment the product leaves you, the company BIBASI MOUTZAHIT SAMPRI receives it within 1-5 working days for returns within Greece with ACS. In case you choose other transport companies, we can not provide any guarantee for the delivery times of the products you return to us. In case you choose to send the product back by post, we can not accept the return. After receiving the product, we will immediately process your request and inform you by e-mail about the way of handling it. After the return of the product, and if approved by the Company, the customer is reimbursed in full or by a corresponding deposit in his bank account, which he has completed on the return form that necessarily accompanies the returned goods, or otherwise in accordance with the above.

(Withdrawal is the right according to which the consumer has at his disposal a period of 14 calendar days days to return the product he bought, for whatever reason, even without a reason, and to request replacement or refund. This deadline is valid in all Member States of the European Union and in case the consumer has not been previously informed about this right, then this deadline extends to 12 months. )


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