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About Us

The "Beautiful" stores are active since 1988, with the first store established in Northern Greece and more specifically in the city of Xanthi. After that, an expansion was achieved and one more "Beautiful" store was established in the city of Komotini, and a second one in Xanthi, as well as an e-shop.

"Beautiful" stores have a wide variety of products, which are constantly expanding and growing. Their merchandise includes:

- shoes & slippers (for men, women and children)

- bags (for men, women and children)

- travelling accessories (suitcases, etc.)

- clothes for women, men and children(gloves, hats, sets, socks, scarves, beachwear, belts etc.)

- jewelry(rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc)

- haircare and makeup items (brushes, hair accessories, hair coloring products etc)

- tobacco accessories

- mobile phone accessories (cases, headphones, chargers, wires, powerbanks etc)

  Τα All products are updated on a daily basis

  The goal of the "Beautiful" stores is the best and instant serving of the customers.


Visit us:

  - Michail Karaoli 1, Xanthi

  - Central Square of Xanthi

  - Eleftheriou Venizelou 4, Komotini



Contact Us:

  - 2541026716

  - 2541076593

  - 2531037943

  Operation Hours: Monday - Saturday 08.30 - 21.30